July Motivation competition (please read the description)
July Motivation competition (please read the description)

July Motivation competition (please read the description)

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Still got that 2020 funk, or just super competitive? Well you are not alone, but lets kick this creative blocks butt!!!

New Woodes Goodies challenge for a chance to win a Woodesgoodies gift card. You must Use all 5 colors on whatever craft you are into, it doesn’t matter what you do, soap, epoxy, candles, paint, you name it. You made add whatever color or supplies needed for the challenge.
Post a picture in Woodesgoodiesmicas on Facebook under the announcements, look for the challenge post for you chance to win!! Let start to kick up those motivations to get out of the funk
This kit includes all 5 colors that must be used

Last day to post on facebook is the 20th. Winners will be chosen July 21 2021

1st place $50 WG gift card

2nd $25 WG gift card

3rd  $10 WG gift card


Description: Safe for general cosmetics, soap, eyes, other crafts. NOT lip or Bath bomb safe

Cosmetic grade fine Mica powder, a non-toxic mineral that gives off a shimmery and metallic like appearance. Known primarily for its use in cosmetics, mica powders are a common natural and chemical coloring ingredient. The vast variety of bold, pigmented, and long-lasting shades make mica powders excellent for individual application, blending, or creating your own colorful products. Mica’s can be used in bath and body products; soap, lotion, bath bombs. Cosmetics; makeup, nail polish. Arts and crafts; tumblers, glass, clay, painting, scrap booking, embossing, candle making, furniture. The possibilities are endless.

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