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This is highly concentrated Black neon Pigment! 
This color stains any and everything it touches, use gloves, mask, and wear black clothes. If you spill A tiny grain of this it will unleash its power and now you will be cleaning a 12’x12’ space (boy this puppy can spread fast)

**** By purchasing this color you acknowledge and agree that in no way is Woodesgoodies responsible for whatever mess YOU make with it!

Do not call, write, or email telling me you opened this on your white carpet (well now your black carpet). That you opened it in front of a fan and now your home, neighbors, and your grandmas home 3 miles away is now stained black. Yep this color is all on you, and you will take responsibility for yourself.

  • Ask yourself 3 questions before you buy
  1. Do you have children or pets that would have a chance of getting into this? 
  2. Are you accident prone?
  3. Are you someone that can’t take responsibility for your own actions and constantly blames others?
  • If you answered yes atleast once, then DO NOT buy this product 

Description: Safe for crafts only. Keep out of reach from children and pets 

μm: 1-2

Ingredients: melamine resin, solvent yellow, pigment green, copper phthalocyanine, blue-violet, red 

Pigments can be used in Arts and crafts; Tumblers, glass, clay, painting, scrap booking, embossing, candle making, furniture. 

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