Unicorn Tears
Unicorn Tears
Unicorn Tears
Unicorn Tears
Unicorn Tears

Unicorn Tears

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Thermochromic liquid Crystal: Changes 12 different colors from using heat. Also know as mood ring liquid 

Apply on a black base using a airbrush or preval spayer 

*Prep:Spray paint the cup black, use flat (not glossy) spray paint, it seems to adhere better.

Spray 3 coats of thermochromic for best results. Once dry, Apply a thin coat of epoxy to seal it. Shake or stir before each use

This is undiluted so you must dilute this for spraying with a water to liquid ratio 2:1(water being the larger amount) you can even diluted a 3:1 (distilled water may be best)

Liquid crystal has a shelf live of 8 months and should be stored in the fridge. Or in a place under 65 degrees

Safe for crafts only.

Ingredients: themochromic liquid

**pictures do not do this magical stuff justice 

*keep out of reach from children, do not drink, keep away from eyes

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