The Luminescent Applications of Glow in the Dark Pigment

All glow-in-the-dark pigments contain some kind of phosphor or at least a chemical substance that behaves like a phosphor. These substances acquire bioluminescence after they’re energized. For instance, our powder pigments contain zinc sulfide, which is activated by UV light.

Having said that: here are some of the many applications of these bioluminescent pigments.

Glowing Font

Glow in the dark pigment is growing increasingly popular as writing ink. You can create fluorescent ink out of these powders and use them to label packets, flyers, invitations, and even instructions.

Your penmanship may lend a personal touch to your business promotions, and you can also choose to highlight certain aspects of your handouts as opposed to others by adding a glow to them.

Glowing Soap

Save time on 3D designs, marbling, and whatnot by making it glow in the dark. Focus on the fragrance and let good old bioluminescence do the rest. Just remember: the runnier your base, the better it’ll mix when you add colors to it.

However, follow these steps if you want the glow to come out stronger.

  • Thicken the base before adding in the pigment so it doesn’t sink to the bottom.
  • Adjust the viscosity so it still flows but is denser than your glowing soap base.
  • Pour the soap base into the mold.
  • Slowly pour your glowing base in the middle while moving the container in a top to bottom direction.
  • It should only sink under the top and not go all the way to the bottom.

You can also add glow to the middle of your soap by adding one half of the soap base, following it with your glowing base, and covering it with the remaining half.

Glowing Art

Glow in the dark art is all the rage these days. You’ve probably seen your fair share of it on social media. Some create beautiful silhouettes with glowing backgrounds, while others add the glow on top of a regular painting.

Artists who go with the latter usually select a lighter background to bring out the glow. They also use less paint than they’re used to because they don’t want any raised edges. Raised edges glow brighter in the dark, which would make your canvas look inconsistent.

Unless you’re doing this intentionally, spread your paint thin and add at least two coats of glowing pigment to bring out the luminescence.

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