Perky Princess
Perky Princess
Perky Princess

Perky Princess

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Purple/blue/green Beautiful rainbow Aurora Chameleon pigments that give a chrome/mirrored look.

It produces an exciting rainbow mirror finish, color changing translucence and versatility over all your favorite base shades

Best applied mixed into epoxy or tacky black spray paint or tacky method. Use a makeup sponge and rub on pigment. you can also mix a little of the pigment straight into epoxy

This is also absolutely beautiful on a white base too.

Makeup-Best applied applied over eye shadow primer, lotion.

A little goes a long way for these beauties

*photos are taken in multiple lighting settings. When you apply this color it could look a bit different depending on your light source 

1g will do 4-   20 oz cups


Ingredients: Silica, titanium dioxide, cerium oxide

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