Airbrush paint kit
Airbrush paint kit

Airbrush paint kit

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Artme airbrush paint perfect for painting, base coating different projects. Kit includes 24 (1oz) bottles

ARTME 24 Colors Airbrush Paint Set

The paints are bright colors and quick-dry, also easy to clean, which are suitable for most models, DIY hobbies, crafts paintings.

24 water based colors include 18 classic opaque colors, 3 Neon Colors, and 3 Metallic colors(Gold, Silver, and pearl white). Meeting all your painting needs.

Fully sealed paint set, open the seal when rotating the lid, each bottle is easy-to-squeeze, tighten the cover and bottle after spraying to prevent drying.

airbrush paint


Shake well the bottles before use.

Cover the bottle well after use to avoid drying.

airbrush paint

Safe for crafts only
*Keep out of reach from children and pets. Don't not ingest, keep away from eyes. This product can stain clothes