Candle wax kit

Candle wax kit

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2.3 pounds of Sox wax, 1 wick stabilizer, 1 thermometer, 2 micas, 2- 4oz metal jars, 1- 1oz jar of feelin fly fragrance, 1 melting pot, 10 coton wicks, 10 wood wicks, 10 wood wick holders

*When using Mica’s with the candle wax it’s best to use the wood wick so it doesn’t clog or you can use them for wax tarts. 
* A little side note the WG pigment inks work great as candle wax dyes

  1. On a flat clean surface set your jars up by placing a glue dot on the bottom of a wick then add your wick stabilizer on top of the jar and wicks
  2. Measure out wax. Create a doubler broiler, and add wax to your melting pot. Melt on medium heat for about 10-15 till heat reaches 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Let cool for a minute add your micas or colorants. Then add your fragrance oils. Pour your wax in the tins and let them cool for 24hrs