Cernit Translucent Turquoise

Cernit Translucent Turquoise

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Cernit is a modelling oven bake polymer clay . Polymerizing happens during baking. The clay hardens. Polymer clay can be used for making decorative items such as jewelry (earrings, bracelets, pendants...), figurines, accessories.  (56gram Package)

Once unpacked, the clay has to be kneaded in the palm of the hand before starting modelling so that it goes softer and easier to work with. The clay should be used with clean hands on a clean surface as well to prevent any dirt or dust to get in the clay.

There are as many uses as one could imagine ! Cernit can be molded, sculpted, with or without tools, printed or mixed with stones, beads, feathers, powders, paints....

How to bake polymer clay Cernit ?

The Cernit clay polymerizes between 110 and 130°C (230-266°F) in a preheated oven. Baking time is of 30 minutes. Temperature should be respected unless harmful gases could develop and the color could be corrupted.

Be careful, this clay cannot be baked in a microwave oven! After baking, the clay is waterproof. Also, it can be baked several times if you wish to add bits to your work.

When you are done baking, the clay can still be worked with. It can be sanded, drilled, varnished according to the finish you like. For polishing, start with sanding gently the clay with a fine-grain sandpaper. Finish with a polisher to get a maximum glossy effect. After some time, if it rubs clothing the clay could loose some of the glossy. Then, it has to be polished again. The result will be the same as with varnish. However, varnish will resist the rubbing and does not need to be applied again.

As soon as your piece of clay is baked and maybe polished, you can still work on it by adding acrylic paints, oil paints, mica powders or varnish.

How to store polymer clay Cernit ?

Once the packaging is open, Clay can be stored in that same package or in a plastic wrap, to the ambient temperature. You can keep it like that up to 3 months.

*Keep out of reach from children, do not eat, and wash you hands after use