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This isn’t your typical acrylic paint, this is very concentrated. This paint can be thinned down with your favorite mediums.

Shake/mix jar before using. 

*For acrylic pours I thin these down a lot! 1 jar of paint, then I add 4-6oz floetrol. So 1 jar of paint can be turned in to 8-10 oz’s!

Acrylic paint can you be used for painting just about anything, acrylic pours, and so much more.
Water based and dries to a beautiful finish. Sold in 3.4oz jars

*Some of the jars seals will leak during shipping, Just give them a little wipe when you receive them. Store upright, keep out of direct sun.

Safe for crafts only
*Keep out of reach from children and pets. Don't not ingest, keep away from eyes. This product can stain clothes