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Chameleon mica that color shift in the light from yellow-green/ hints of blue

The key to these micas is having a black background

-Soap: You must mix the chameleon powder with a black mica

-Resin/ Epoxy: Paint your project black first, let dry, add the chameleon color to epoxy/ resin, then apply the chameleon color to project.

μm: 5-25

Description: Safe for general cosmetics, soap, eyes, lips, other crafts.

Ingredients: mica, iron oxide, silica

Cosmetic grade fine Mica powder, a non-toxic mineral that gives off a shimmery and metallic like appearance. Known primarily for its use in cosmetics, mica powders are a common natural and chemical coloring ingredient. The vast variety of bold, pigmented, and long-lasting shades make mica powders excellent for individual application, blending, or creating your own colorful products. Mica’s can be used in bath and body products; soap, lotion, bath bombs. Cosmetics; makeup, nail polish. Arts and crafts; glass, clay, painting, scrap booking, embossing, candle making, furniture. The possibilities are endless.

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